Python Music On Console

Python Music On Console is a wrapper around the amazing console music player moc.

It can be used to play and enqueue files and playlists, control playback, get information about the currently played track, etc.

>>> moc.start_server()
>>> moc.quickplay(list_of_files)
>>> moc.get_info_dict() =>
{'album'       : 'Whoracle',
 'artist'      : 'In Flames',
 'songtitle'   : 'The Hive',
 'file'        : '.../In Flames/Whoracle/In Flames - The Hive.mp3',
 'timeleft'    : '03:53',
 'totaltime'   : '04:03', ...}

>>> moc.pause()
>>> moc.resume()
>>> moc.is_playing()
>>> moc.toggle_shuffle()
>>> moc.enable_repeat()
>>> moc.increase_volume(10)

Bugs, feature requests and current development version

Python Music On Console uses Github as version control system and bug tracker and so on.

You can get the current development version from Github using git clone:

git clone git://

Please file bugs and feature requests using the Github ticket system.

I’m glad to get any kind of feedback! (critique, thanks, ideas, feature requests, blah)